South Korea’s Jeju Island Has the Best Beaches, Freshest Seafood, and Most Desirable Green Tea in the World

Just an hour’s flight from Seoul, off the southern tip of South Korea, lies one of the Pacific Ocean’s most stunning gems. Known for its pristine beaches, verdant landscapes, and jaw-dropping waterfalls, Jeju Island is the kind of place that’s easy to love and hard to leave, where the breezy air smells faintly of tangerines, where the local way of rural life hasn’t changed in centuries, and where the craggy shoreline’s sea-foam waves make the concept of mermaids easy to believe.

The New Crew: Meet Los Angeles Tap Troupe Syncopated Ladies

When choreographer Chloe Arnold first heard Beyoncé command, “Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation,” on the 2016 track “Formation,” the battle cry hit close to home. It perfectly captured Arnold’s 13-year quest to build up her Los Angeles–based tap troupe Syncopated Ladies.