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Peter Beard’s ‘Missing’ Case Turned Over to Detectives

Following a three-day search for missing photographer Peter Beard, the case is being turned over to detectives, according to a spokesman for the East Hampton Police Department. The 82-year-old Beard, who suffers from dementia, was reported missing Tuesday late in the afternoon, after leaving his Montauk, N.Y., home. His daughter Zara posted on Instagram Friday that local authorities had exhausted all of their resources following a three-day search. Acknowledging the pandemic and the need to stay at home for the good of everyone, she encouraged healthy and able-bodied people to join the search for her father in a “socially responsible way.” Photographer, socialite, conservationist, adventurer and reveler — all of the above apply to Beard. He was just a 20-year-old WASP-y Yale University undergrad when, armed with Isak Dinesen’s “Out of Africa,” he arrived in Nairobi for the first time, bought a fourth-hand Land Rover, set out to track wild game and lived on passion fruit and roasted flanks of freshly slaughtered zebra. That was the first trip of what would be many of his personal expeditions and residencies in Africa that led to numerous books of wildlife photography. In a 1978 interview with WWD, Beard said, “I would like to say I am

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Sergio Rossi Dies at 84

The footwear legend built one of Italy's most storied luxury shoe brands and inspired generations of designers, including his son Gianvito.

Intercos and Campari Team to Manufacture Hand Sanitizers

CHEERS TO HELP: Leading cosmetics manufacturer Intercos Group and spirits-specialist Campari Group have joined forces to produce hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel to distribute to health-care workers operating in the Lombardy region, one of the most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. In particular, Campari donated batches of pure alcohol — originally intended for its production lines — to the beauty supplier, which transformed and bottled them in its Cosmint facility located at Olgiate Comasco, one-hour drive from Milan. Thanks to the partnership, a first batch of 15,000 hand sanitizers will be distributed to hospitals in need. “The Intercos Group is confronted with the COVID-19 emergency for months, first with its Chinese plants and now in Italy and in the U.S. and knows very well the importance of supporting the health professionals in the communities exposed by the epidemic,” said the company’s chief executive officer Renato Semerari. Founded in 1972 by Dario Ferrari, Intercos counts 11 research centers, 15 production plants and 15 sales offices on three continents. At the moment, two facilities in Italy and two in New York are temporarily shut down, in accordance with the respective governments’ restrictions. In addition to Olgiate Comasco, where the company is producing personal hygiene products, its Garwolin facility

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