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Mined vs. Lab-Grown: Diamond Debate Heats Up

Lab-grown diamond brands emerged last year, branding themselves as a more ethical alternative to mined stones, but now diamond producers are fighting back, pointing to false value perceptions, unsubstantiated eco-claims and lack of sociopolitical value from the part of lab-grown gem producers.

Versace Provides Travel Kits for Turkish Airlines Business Class Intercontinental Travelers

VERSACE FRESHENS UP: Duty-free shopping in airports can be a blood sport for harried travelers who tend to fall into two camps — killing time or crunched for time. Turkish Airlines travelers can skip the last-minute blitz for moisturizer, lip balm and other in-flight sundries, since the carrier will be providing them with travel kits from Versace or Mandarina Duck. Business-class passengers taking intercontinental flights will get the Versace assortment. Female fliers will find socks, earplugs, a sleep mask, warning stickers, Versace lip balm, hand lotion, facial mist and a hair clasp all contained in a zippered orange case. The men’s version is slightly different and is stowed away on a black case. To keep the pearly whites intact, there are travel-size Colgate toothpaste tubes as part of the deal. Staying squeaky clean is truly in fashion, as evidenced by Naomi Campbell’s viral “airport routine” video, which was filmed on a Qatar Airways plane. More than 1.4 million people have watched the five-minute spot on her YouTube channel. The supermodel breaks out her pre-packed plastic gloves to scrub down her business class surroundings, “cleaning anything that you touch or could possibly touch.” Turkish Airlines isn’t just offering its business-class passengers some special pampering

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