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Lewis Hamilton Talks Thrift Shopping, Veganism — and Stella

LONDON — Lewis Hamilton had ecological matters on the top of his agenda when he started collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger. Four seasons in, already 75 percent of their codesigned collection is considered sustainable, he said. In an interview, the Formula One champion talked about his journey from hand-me-downs to a plum fashion gig, and why he’s so adamant about doing good for the planet: On his first brush with Hilfiger: “I remember seeing Tommy’s collaborations with people like Aaliyah. I had a picture of Aaliyah in my room because she is a goddess. I couldn’t go to the Tommy store back then because we never had the money. All the money went into racing, every penny we had. When I went to my first awards in 1995 when I was 10, we couldn’t afford a suit for me for this gala so I managed to borrow it from the kid that won the previous year.” On thrift shopping: “I used to always go to a local store. There was like a thrift store kind of thing in my town, which would have all of the secondhand, thirdhand, fourthhand, backdated collections, and that is where I started to get Tommy stuff.” On his veganism:

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Seven For All Mankind Looks Back and Moves Forward

“Everyone has a memory of buying their first pair of ‘Sevens,'” suggested Suzanne Silverstein, president of the Seven For All Mankind premium denim brand. Maybe it’s not as memorable as your first car or first kiss, but Silverstein sees slipping into that first pair of Sevens as a peak fashion moment that emotionally ties into who you were with at the time, or a particular stage of your life — and that’s the basis for the brand campaign launching today with the theme, “Remember Your First.” The campaign celebrates the brand’s 20 years in business by featuring Carolyn Murphy, one of the models that represented the brand two decades ago as well as models Cato Van Ee, Arthur Gosse, Anais Mali, brand ambassadors, and customers who remain anonymous. They share stories about their first pair of “Sevens,” as the brand is commonly called. For the team at Seven For All Mankind, “The campaign feels like a restart,” said Silverstein. Carolyn Murphy in the new Seven For All Mankind campaign.  Silverstein, who rejoined Seven For All Mankind eight months ago after serving as president of the Parker contemporary brand and earlier served as Seven’s vice president of U.S. wholesale, is, in a sense, restarting and giving

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