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Strikes Continue to Cripple French Transport System

PARIS — Strikes continued to cripple France’s transport system Monday, as workers walked out in protest of the government’s planned reforms to the pension system — and disruptions are set to continue. The majority of lines in the Paris metro system will be closed Tuesday, while train service will be severely disrupted, and, to a lesser extent, air travel. More than 800,000 protestors took to the streets around the country last Thursday. The end-of-year disruption, during the crucial spending season, comes a year after the yellow vest protest movement — which turned violent — weighed on holiday purchases and spooked international tourists.  The Finance Ministry pledged to meet this week with businesses affected by a drop in sales due to the strikes, with some estimates of lost sales in the range of 30 percent. Officials from the Finance Ministry said business over the weekend was “mixed” in Paris, but remained “good” in other cities, while the national association of shopping centers, the CNCC, said malls in the Paris region saw a 6 percent drop in traffic, according to Agence France-Presse.  The French textile sector was already struggling before the strikes hit, with the country’s sales of clothing and textiles down 1.3 percent in value terms in the first

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